Fountain Square Public Art Tour

Fountain Square has decisively established itself as one of the best spots in Indianapolis for art, as well as entertainment and food. If you want to experience what Indy has to offer, you will most likely end up in Fountain Square at some point in your journey.

Located near downtown, you will be hard pressed to find a more interesting area in Indy. Walk around, find these pieces of art (as well as the many others that are located in this area), and grab yourself some food and drinks at some of the best restaurants around! There are metered spots, as well as plenty of free parking available if you can find it.

Wishful Thinking

874 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, IN, 46203

“Wishful Thinking” is all about looking forward! This sculpture is an ode to the bright future of Fountain Square, and the blue neon lights are an abstract representation of a water fountain. Artist Dick Lutin created the piece out of steel, stone, and marble in 2005.

Dancer in the Green Dress

1042 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46203

6cents and Sacred317 are the dynamic duo known as the Fantastic Aerosol Brothers across the country. These two famous graffiti artists have painted buses for IndyGO, they’ve painted murals for Klipsch, they’ve even worked with Hot Box Pizza. Their mural, “Dancer in the Green Dress”, is representative of many characters that the FAB Crew has done in their 17 year span.

Devious Robot

1102 Shelby St, Indianapolis, IN, 46203

This mural was completed in 2012 by graffiti artist “Devious”, and was created for the Subsurface Art Expo. The Expo has been part of the Indy community since 2002. Graffiti artists from all across America come to Indianapolis over Labor Day Weekend to make art all over the city, specifically in the Fountain Square area.

Angler Fish Mural 

1126 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN, 46203

“Angler Fish” is another mural that has come to Fountain Square as a result of the Subsurface Art Expo in 2015. The FAB Crew makes their way onto the list again with this piece. Amuse126 was also involved in the creation of this mural, and collaborated with 6cents and Sacred317.

Lady Spray Fountain

Shelby St and Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46203

This is actually the fourth fountain to be placed in this location! The first was an actual fountain made for horses and people to drink out of, and was topped by the goddess Hebe –– nicknamed “Lady Spray”. The second fountain was made and dedicated to former Indiana congressman Ralph Hill in the 1920’s, and the third fountain was commissioned in the 1980’s. In 2009, the current fountain was installed, and it also features Hebe on top of the fountain, making a call back to the original design of the fountain!


1313 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225

Lars Jonker’s “Play” is a sculpture that can be found in Hendricks Park. This piece of art was commissioned as part of the Keep Indy Beautiful initiative in 2002, and, despite some light vandalism, still sits in the park to this day. Some controversy surrounds the sculpture, as some people claim the piece’s actual name is “Catch”, and even though its official name is technically “Play”, there is a good amount of debate over the name.


You will find more public art than just the ones listed here. Feel free to explore on your own and find other masterpieces. Let us know what you think, or if you think we missed anything, email us! ([email protected])